Timber Flooring Installation

Timber flooring installation is the preferred type of flooring by most home owners and this is because it does not require regular maintenance repairs. The fact that they are prone to scratches is not an issue because all one has to do is carry out thorough sanding to eliminate the scratches. In fact perfect sanding gives your floor a nice look that resembles a newly installed floor.

Select Your Boards

Timber flooring should always start by you selecting the various types of boards for every room. There is no harm in having different boards of timber flooring because it adds a sense of variety into your home. However, if there is only one room that requires the installation, you just have to stick to one variety because that is what adds up to a perfect finish.

Take Measurements

The internet is here and that shopping for timber flooring materials will be much easier than what you would expect. Almost all timber stockists have a website where you can make an order of your materials. In fact they will literary drop them at your doorstep so that you do not have to move from shop to shop in search of flooring materials.

However, you should spend some time on measuring the walls of the rooms that will accommodate the wooden planks. In fact for those using the internet, you have to specify the measurements of the wooden pieces so the manufacturers can dispatch materials without any doubts of technical failure. It is better to create an allowance of the measurements so that there will be enough space for the wooden panels to swell and shrink with changes in humidity. On the other hand, having extra materials is a plus on your side because they can be kept for future repairs on the same timber flooring.

Check the Primary Floor

Make sure the current floor is free from any foreign substances by running a broom across the floor. If there is some dampness due to flooding, you just have to be patient because you can not carry out timber flooring installation on a wet surface. Keeping the windows open a few days before the actual laying of the floor is important because it ensures that the environment is very accommodating.

Avoid Water like the Plague

Water has no place in timber flooring installation .It is therefore recommended that you spread any water proof material in the direction that the boards will face. This is done to manage the moisture. You will have yourself to blame if you do not do this which will leave you extremely exhausted.

Joist boards can really confuse you and that is why you have to mark the points where they will be experienced so it becomes easy to lay the flooring.

Getting Started

Start by moving everything that could interfere with your work. This includes the sofas and dining tables .Laying of the timber flooring starts from the longest side that is still clear. Create 1/3 space at the edges so that the timber flooring can have the same measurements and also increases the elasticity of the floor. Since length matters a lot, it is recommended that you first lay the most lengthy piece so that customers. The first long board should be enhanced by using very tiny nails to hasten the floor in place. The edges of the wooden flooring should not be adjacent to each other. In other words, the wooden pieces should be laid out the stone Massonís on a stone floor.

No Glue Needed

The timber flooring materials come with a locking system that allows them to stay intact for the longest period as possible. The locking system includes the grooves and tongue like- protrudings. However, using secret nails will harden the newly installed floor.

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All You Need To Know About Timber Floors
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