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Renowned for its versatility, durability and strength used in a wide range of interior and exterior applications, Jarrah reflects the hues of the Western Australian landscape.


Eucalyptus marginata


Rich red to deep brown sapwood is pale yellow


85mm, 130mm
12mm, 14mm
Length (Random)
400mm up to 2700mm


80mm, 130mm, 185mm
Length (Random)
900mm up to 5400mm


Janka Hardness Scale


We specialise in the installation and finishing of high quality timber floors, we offer a professional on time service. Prior to commencement we undertake a site assessment, to ensure the site is ready for your new timber floor.

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Jarrah is only available as unfinished in the solid hardwood range. When making your decision on what type of finish you wish to go with we can help you make the right choice. At Victorian Designer Floors we recommend to only use environmentally friendly coating products.

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Prime grade denotes a minimal degree of natural feature in the boards. As a naturally occurring product, all timber flooring contains some degree of feature such as pinhole, gum vein and surface check.


Standard grade relates to a moderately featured board. Flooring in this grade contains a regulated degree of feature, experiencing a greater degree of natural pinhole and gum vein. These features will not only be greater in quantity than select grade but are also larger in size.


Feature grade is, as the name suggests, high feature flooring. Each board is a veritable sea of natural feature, containing large knots, gum veins, pinholes and even some holes that can be filled during the laying process. Again, the features will be greater in quantity and larger in size than standard grade.


Jarrah grows in the south-west corner of Western Australia.


Up to date information on timber species including, detailed information on fire-resistance, thermal and acoustic properties, durability, performance and treatments. Guidelines to assist in the establishment of compliance with the BCA fire safety provisions.


Flooring, decking, cladding, and screening are typically ordered by the square meter. To calculate how much you'll need, enter the length & width of the area you're working with. If your room has an odd shape, enter in the length and width of each area and add them up. Our calculator adds 6% average to allow for trimming & off cutting on the job site. Some average should be as high as 12%, depending on the project. Our expert staff can help you determine just how much to order.


Our end:

Local deliveries around Melbourne your order will be delivered via our in house truck, which allows you to get the best possible service.

Your end:

Unloading your material from a truck is quite easy with some extra helpers on hand. The timber comes in various forms of packaging, some are bundled in manageable sections others are individual short to long pieces in most cases one person can carry at least a small one bundle.


Since each order is different, it is difficult to estimate a typical freight cost, however If you’d like some ideas of the freight cost for your order, please give us a call.


All of Victorian Designer Floors products are sourced from the highest standards sawmills. We urge you and your installer to inspect your flooring prior to installation. If you are not 100% satisfied with your flooring, please contact us prior to any cutting, nailing, or installation and we will replace any materials which does not meet the grade specifications and information on your signed order confirmation. We reserve the right to require photographs of, or the return of, any material in question prior to the release of replacement flooring. Victorian Designer Floors will not accept returns of, or replace, any materials which have been cut or installed once leaving our shop, or damaged in return transit due to improper or insufficient packaging.


Victorian Designer Floors warrants to the original purchaser that the flooring and/or various timber materials provided by us will be per the specifications set forth on our Grade Specifications and your signed order confirmation. All materials will be kiln-dried to an average moisture content of 11 - 14% or less at the time of delivery from our warehouse. Flooring and other materials that are kiln-dried will be free of insect infestation at the time of delivery from our warehouse.


Victorian Designer Floors provides the standard manufacturers factory warrant. This warranty does not apply to other types of finishes applied by Victorian Designer Floors. This warranty is non-transferrable.


Any newly fitted Timber Floor supplied by Victorian Designer floors comes with a written 12 MONTHS DOMESTIC WORKMANSHIP LIMITED WARRANTY. Terms and condition can be view at our office and are accompanied upon acceptance of flooring quotation.


  • Changes in the timber due to improper storage, handling, acclimation, or installation. This includes cracks, checks, and colour variations, as well as changes to the shape or dimension of the timber by any other cause than the manufacturing or inherent character of the timber.
  • Deficiencies of, and/or improper preparation of the subfloor.
  • Insect infestation following shipment from our warehouse.
  • Marks, dents, scratches, dings in the flooring or finish caused by pets, shoes, casters, wheels, furniture, or other sources.
  • Falling and/or dropped objects which can dent or fracture the flooring or the finish.
  • Moisture penetration of any type, from any surface or direction.
  • Construction traffic abuse to the surface of the flooring or finish.
  • Finishes applied by you or the installer, including re-surfacing or re-coating.
  • The normal wearing of the flooring or finish in an area, unusual/heavy foot traffic, spiked shoes and/or heels, including a reduction of sheen or gloss level of the finish.
  • Changes in the natural timber caused by any stain or finish applied by the factory, or by you or the installer.
  • Use of the timber in a commercial setting of any type, unless agreed upon prior to purchase, by Victorian Designer Floors and the client.

Victorian Designer Floors has listed various grades and descriptions to quantify as best we can the board size, quality and finish. Due to the quirkiness and variability of our sources, these descriptions are very good, but not perfect guidelines. For this reason, we request that our customers review and agree to our terms and conditions.

View them, still have questions? Send us an email.

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